[Seminario] RECORDATORIO INVITACIÓN Seminario doble conjunto Modelamiento Estocástico / Núcleo Milenio MESCYD, MARTES 16 DE ABRIL A CONTAR DE LAS 15:00 HRS.

Maria Ines Rivera mrivera en dim.uchile.cl
Mar Abr 16 07:34:17 -04 2019

Estimados(as) Académicos y Alumnos,

Se les  recuerda que hoy martes 16 de abril, se realizarán  2 sesiones 
del seminario *Seminario doble conjunto Modelamiento Estocástico / 
Núcleo Milenio MESCYD*, en la sala de seminarios John Von Neumann del 
CMM, séptimo piso, torre norte, de Beauchef 851.



*Seminario doble conjunto Modelamiento Estocástico / Núcleo Milenio MESCYD*


*Primera Sesión: 3pm*

Avelio Sepúlveda (U. Lyon 1)

*Liouville dynamical percolation*

A dynamical percolation is a process on black and white colourings of 
the vertices of a graph, in which each vertex has an independent 
Poissonian clock, and each time a clock rings the colour of its 
correspondent vertex is resampled. In this talk, we will study a 
dynamical percolation in the triangular grid, using clocks whose rate is 
defined in terms of a Liouville measure of parameter $\gamma$. In 
particular, we will show that this dynamic converges, in the scaling 
limit, to a càdlàg process that undergoes a phase transition when 

Joint work with C. Garban, N. Holden and X. Sun.


*Segunda Sesión: 4pm*

Nikolas Tapia (Norwegian U. of Science and Technology)

*The signature method*

Introduced by Chen and then generalised by Lyons, signatures have found 
a wide number of applications in Machine Learning and Data Analysis in 
recent years.

On the first half of this talk I will give a brief introduction to the 
subject and describe some of the applications existing in the literature.

On the second half, I will discuss current work-in-progress (joint with 
E. Celledoni and P. E. Lystad) on an application of the signature method 
to motion recognition in computer animation.

Sala de Seminarios John Von Neumann CMM, séptimo piso torre norte, 
Beauchef 851.

Esperando contar con su presencia, les saluda,

Ma. Inés Rivera

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