[Seminario] Seminario CAPDE Lunes 5 de Junio en DIM U. de Chile

Claudio Muñoz claumuno en gmail.com
Mie Mayo 31 14:38:16 CLT 2017

Estimadas y estimados,

Les escribo para invitarlos cordialmente a una nueva sesión del seminario
CAPDE este *Lunes 5 de Junio a las 4pm *en la Sala de seminarios del 5to.
piso del DIM U.Chile.

En esta ocasión contaremos con la compañía de dos conferenciantes:


*Marcel Clerc (DFI, U. de Chile)*

*Liquid-solid and liquid-liquid like transition in driven granular media*

*Abstract* The theory of non-ideal gases at thermodynamic equilibrium, for
instance the van der Waals gas model, has played a central role in our
understanding of coexisting phases, as well as the transitions between
them. In contrast, the theory fails with granular matter because collisions
between the grains dissipate energy, and their macroscopic size renders
thermal fluctuations negligible. When a mass of grains is subjected to
mechanical vibration, it can make a transition to a fluid state. In this
state, granular matter exhibits patterns and instabilities that resemble
those of molecular fluids. Here, we report a granular solid–liquid phase
transition in a vibrating granular monolayer. Unexpectedly, the transition
is mediated by waves and is triggered by a negative compressibility, as for
van der Waals phase coexistence, although the system does not satisfy the
hypotheses used to understand atomic systems. The dynamic behaviour that we
observe—coalescence, coagulation and wave propagation—is common to a wide
class of phase transitions. We have combined experimental, numerical and
theoretical studies to build a theoretical framework for this transition.


*Norelys Aguila (DIE, U. de Chile)*

*Stability analysis of fractional adaptive systems: Motivation, advances
and main challenges.*

*Abstract:* Ver archivo adjunto.

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Próximo seminario: Lunes 19 de Junio.

Esperando contar con su presencia
Saludos cordiales

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