[Seminario] Recordatorio INVITACION SEMINARIO CONJUNTO Modelamiento Estocástico y Núcleo MESCD LUNES 13 DE JUNIO A CONTAR DE LAS 15:00 HRS.

Maria Ines mrivera en dim.uchile.cl
Lun Jun 13 07:54:16 CLT 2016

Estimados Académicos y Alumnos,

se les recuerda que hoy Lunes 13 de  Junio a  contar de las 15:00 hrs, 
se realizarán    2 sesiones del*/Seminario  Conjunto de Modelamiento 
Estocástico y Núcleo MESCD/*, el cual tendrá lugar en la sala de 
Seminarios John Von Neumann CMM.

Conjunto de Modelamiento Estocástico y Núcleo MESCD*/

*15:00 hrs. /PR/*/*IMERA PARTE:*/

*Expositor: Ioannis Papageorgiou (UBA)

Titulo: The log-Sobolev inequality for unbounded spin systems on the 
lattice.* *

A criterion will be presented for the log-Sobolev inequality for unbounded
spin systems on the lattice with non-quadratic interactions. This is a
joint work with Takis Konstantopoulos (Uppsala) and James Inglis (INRIA).
Furthermore, in the case of quadratic interactions, a perturbation result
for the inequality will be presented.

*/16: 30 hrs.  SEGUNDA PARTE:
Expositora: Aurelia Deshayes (UBA)

Titulo : Scaling limit of subcritical contact process/ /

Resumen :/ *
  I will talk about subcritical contact process on Zd. The contact 
process, introduced in 1974 by Harris, models the spread of an 
infection. It is one of the simplest interacting particle systems which 
exhibits a phase transition. In the subcritical case, the process 
vanishes if we start with a finite number of infected particles. But 
what happens if we start with infinite number of particles? I will 
present a work, in collaboration with Leo Rolla, about the description 
of the subcritical contact process for large times starting with all 
sites infected. The configuration is described in terms of the 
macroscopic locations of infected regions in space and the relative 
positions of infected sites in each such region (which involce a quasi 
stationary distribution of the contact process modulo translation). This 
work is an extension of a previous paper written by Andjel, Ezanno, 
Groisman and Rolla which describes the subcritical contact process seen 
from the rightmost infected particle in dimension 1.

Esperando contar con su presencia, les saluda,

Ma.  Inés Rivera

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